4 creative DIY brain games for dogs – 5 minutes to make

diy brain games for dogs

Use household objects to create great canine enrichment games. Takes no more than 5 minutes to make each one. #canineenrichment #braingamesfordogs #dogdiy via @gonedogmad1

When it’s too wet and cold outside to go for a walk, there are plenty of other ways to fill your dog’s day with fun, mental stimulation.

Here are my 4 original DIY brain games for dogs you can make in no more than 5 minutes. The best part is most of these items you’ll find around your home. They’re quick DIY projects that’ll keep your dog truly entertained while giving them a great mental workout.

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Kitchen roll piñata

diy brain games for dogs

diy brain games for dogs


This one’s so easy to make, and my Loki had a blast pawing away at the game to release the treats.

Start with a kitchen roll tube and make a few holes in the bottom. Make sure the holes are big enough to allow the treats to fall through, so test this out yourself before giving it to your dog.

Grab an old shoelace and tie it securely around the middle. Ensure the tube sits completely straight so it doesn’t tip to one side.

Tie the end of the shoelace to a door handle and now it’s over to fido for fun time.

Bottle bomb

diy brain games for dogs

diy brain games for dogs


Grab an old water bottle from your recycling. You could also use a plastic milk bottle if that’s all you have.

Find some old clothes you can cut into long strips. In my case I used some old pyjamas I no longer wear. If the strip you’ve made isn’t enough to fill the bottle entirely, simply tie the ends of multiple strips in a knot so the material is a continuous strip.

Stuff the bottle with the material adding a few treats in layers as you feed in the strip.

Leave a little material hanging out the end of the bottle and put it on the floor in front of your dog. This may take a while for your dog to understand the game, but be patient and it’ll all work out in the end.

As your dog pulls the material out of the bottle, the treats caught up in the material will pop out too. Bingo!


Paper plates

diy brain games for dogs

diy brain games for dogs


diy brain games for dogs diy brain games for dogs


If you have paper plates left over from a kid’s birthday party or a bbq, these can be turned into great treat pockets for your dog.

Use a pair of scissors to cut one slit up to the middle of the plate. Then twist one side over the other to make a small cone. Drop in a couple treats and fold over one side to close.

Make around 10 cones and put them in an old box. Your dog will have a great time unravelling the plates to reveal all the treats.

If you like this one, you may also like to check out how to make a destruction box.


Old clothes snuffle plait

diy brain games for dogs

Find three pieces of old clothes and tie them together at the end with an elastic band or hair bobble. T-shirts or old pyjama bottoms would work well. Plait the three pieces together making sure it’s not too tight. Tie the other end with another band.

Grab a few treats and hide them in all the crevices within the plait. Your dog will have to sniff around and use their nose and paws to uncover all the treats. Simple!


These DIY brain games for dogs are so easy to make and will provide hours of entertainment for your pooch. I love finding new ways to use simple household objects that’ll provide great enrichment activities for Loki.

Do you have any of your own canine enrichment games? I’d love to hear your ideas…

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  1. Such creative ideas. And you should know whether they work or not, since I’ve been seeing your doggy posts a lot lately. I’m actually scared of dogs! One day maybe.

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