Hello there!

Welcome to GoneDogMad.

I’m Karly, and this is Loki the miniature schnauzer.

miniature schnauzer puppy

But don’t let that cuddly cartoon face fool you, she’s the cheekiest of all monkeys!

Loki is our very first fur baby. Since bringing her home over a year ago, I have quite literally gone dog mad. She’s a constant source of amusement, she keeps us on our toes, and everything in our lives now revolves around Loki.

Sound familiar?

This blog stretches beyond cute dog pics and silly puppy behaviour. We’d love you to join us on our journey as we share everything we’ve learned and are still learning along the way.


You’ll see our struggles and successes, our enrichment activities, obedience techniques, training and our doggy recipes. And just for giggles, I’ll occasionally share how Loki spends most of her time – being a master clown!

We’re a nation of dog lovers and we all want what’s best for our dogs. This is a place to learn how to enrich your dog’s life both mentally and physically. I’d love this site to be a buzzing community. A safe environment where dog fanatics can share their own experiences so we can all help our dogs lead a happy and healthy life.

If you’re ready to get stuck in, don’t forget to grab your copy of ’24 easy games to tire out a bouncy pooch’


A quick disclaimer – I may mention products I have bought and use with Loki. If I’m receiving commission from an affiliate promoting the product, you will always be notified in the post. Check out my disclosure and privacy policy for further details.

On another note – I’ll only ever suggest products I’m happy to use with Loki. If they’re no good, they won’t feature here.