Keeping our pups healthy with freshly cooked dog food

Now more than ever, dog lovers treat their pooches like members of the family. We all want our dogs to stay healthy so they live a long and happy life. And that means we’re becoming more aware of the foods we feed them.

In fact, we’re more food conscious than we’ve ever been. Both for our own waistlines and our pets!

We’re taking more time to read the ingredients in our dog’s food. More of us are steering away from the traditional dry and canned dog foods. Because how healthy can these processed foods really be for our dogs?

There’s so much choice on offer it can be difficult to know what’s best for your pup. You may have even considered making your own fresh dog food but have no idea where to start. In our hectic lives, who really has time for that!

But in the US, there’s a dog food subscription service that’s taking the nation by storm. They not only create fresh, human-grade pet food that’s perfectly portioned for your dog, but they deliver straight to your front door.

It’s called NomNomNow, the #1 dog food delivery service rated by The food is shipped fresh, is made by in house chefs and is formulated by a board certified veterinary nutritionist.

As our dog’s health increasingly becomes a priority, is this the answer we’ve all been waiting for?

How does NomNomNow work?

When you head to the NomNomNow website, you simply enter your dog’s details such as age, activity level, weight, goal weight, breed and any health issues to get started. You then choose your dog’s preferred recipe. There’s plenty of choice, from Heartland Beef Mash and Tasty Turkey Fare, to Porkalicious Potluck and Chicken Chow Wow.

All recipes are nutrient rich, fresh and contain no artificial preservatives or additives. If you have any concerns about which diet is right for your dog, NomNomNow also offer free nutrition consultations. So you can always be sure you’re getting the right diet for your dog.

Meals are delivered fresh in vacuum-sealed pouches ready for your fridge or freezer. Each packet is portioned and made for your individual dog. Containing a precise recipe and amount whether your dog needs to lose or gain weight, has special dietary requirements, skin conditions or allergies.

Your first shipment will contain samples of the different recipes so you can see which one your dog likes best. The meals will arrive in an insulated box with ice packs to keep the food fresh. When you select your dog’s favourite, you can request a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly shipment delivered to your door.

NomNomNow also make it easy to transition your pet onto their food so you don’t upset your dog’s tummy. Your first order will include transition portions allowing you to mix the new and existing food together over the course of a week. They really have thought of everything!

Here’s what NomNomNow customers say about their dog food

NomNomNow customers have seen some incredible results in their dogs on the new diet. Many pet parents have found the solution to their dog’s allergies, and their dogs have never been so excited about meal times. Other pet parents have seen life changing weight loss and increased activity in their dogs where other foods previously failed.

“She’s so picky she would go days without eating. We tried so many different foods. But she’s been eating NomNomNow forever now, and hasn’t lost interest.” – Elizabeth Luna’s Story

‘His allergies have cleared up, his itchy belly has gone away. He’s calmer and happier, too.” – Gwenevere Rocket’s Story

“I’m so excited I could cry. I’m just so happy and excited to have my baby bear back and so thrilled to see him energized and happy without any pain. He’s like a totally new dog.” – Danielle Brody’s Story

Once she was strictly on NomNomNow, the weight just started falling off. Now she is more active, a lot happier. I haven’t seen her so playful since she was a pup.” – Corine Luna’s Story

Is NomNomNow worth it?

NomNomNow offers a highly nutritious, fresh, quality diet for your dog, so obviously this is going to come at a higher price tag than off-the-shelf dry dog food. But we all know the impact fresh, healthy ingredients can have on our own bodies. Eating a healthy diet can be invigorating!

So a healthy diet makes a healthy dog.

You need to consider whether the health benefits to your dog are worth the extra dollars each month. For many dog parents that are head over heals in love with their pups, this is a resounding yes!

But if you’re not sure if NomNomNow is right for your dog just yet, they offer a 30% discount off your first order. So you can see if it’s a good fit before you commit. This also includes samples of all the recipes so your dog can choose their favourite. It’s really a no brainer to try it for yourself!

Visit the NomNomNow website here for more information.

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