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Getting a new puppy is an exciting time for all the family. But it can also be rather daunting, especially if it’s your first step into puppy parenthood. During the first few days with your new pup, it can be difficult to know what to do for the best. And as you’ll quickly learn, it’s not always smooth sailing.

For your new puppy, there’s toilet training to master, learning to walk on a lead, socialisation and learning those all-important house rules. If you want a happy-go-lucky pup that grows into a well-rounded, obedient family dog, you need to put in some groundwork first.

And now there’s a brilliant way you can train your new puppy in the comfort of your own home. Because let’s face it, not everyone has time to attend regular puppy classes every week. An online video program is great for busy families that want to train their new pup at their own pace.

The Puppy Home School program from is ideal for doing just that. This is my honest review.

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Who is The Dog Coach Online?

The Dog Coach Online is run by Vicky Carne, a dog trainer of 10+ years that holds one-to-one training services for puppies and adult dogs, and who is also the creator of two online dog training courses, ‘Before you get your puppy’ and ‘Puppy Home School.’

Vicky previously ran puppy classes in North London for more than a decade. She’s boarded and trained puppies and has worked with hundreds of dogs and their owners. Vicky is the go-to specialist for training puppies using positive reward-based training methods.



What’s involved in the program?

Inside the online course are 27 lessons covering everything you need to put your best paw forward into puppy parenthood.

Vicky offers a wealth of knowledge around all the important elements of raising a puppy. From housetraining, socialising your puppy and crate training, to leaving your puppy home alone, how to teach key obedience commands, handling problem behaviours like jumping up and barking, and so much more.

The lessons are broken down into four modules and each video is short and sweet at around five minutes long. Ideal for jumping in and out when you have time.

Included alongside each lesson is a pdf with the video transcript if you prefer to read while you learn. Along with an audio MP3 file if you’re more of a listener. Great if you’re driving in the car!

You also get a handy puppy shopping list so you know exactly what to buy before bringing your pup home, an example of your daily schedule to prepare you for success, and a puppy chart to help you track your pup’s progress over the coming weeks and months.


Key takeaways

The course is beautifully laid out and is easy to navigate through all the lessons. I love that the program gently guides you step-by-step through each video to reduce any sense of overwhelm from the start. You begin with the welcome video and click straight into the first module. Easy Peasy!

Vicky is a pleasure to listen to and explains everything clearly and concisely. Her teaching style is wonderfully conversational, helping the viewer grasp the concepts quickly without confusion.

I’d recommend Vicky’s ‘Puppy Home School Program’ to anyone welcoming a new puppy into their home. It has everything you need to help your puppy settle into family life, while giving you those training essentials to help you raise the perfect companion dog. It’s the ideal solution if you’d rather learn how to train your puppy in your own home, or for owners too busy to attend weekly training classes.

To get your hands on the ‘Puppy Home School Program’ head over here.


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