5 Valentine’s Day dog treat recipes for the pooch you love


Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. Can I get a hell yays! And it’s not just for showing how much you love your better half either, it’s also the perfect time to show our pups how much they mean to us.

And what better way to do that than with a delicious batch or homemade dog treats. I’ve been searching the interwebs in search of the most scrumptious and adorable looking doggy delights to share, and they won’t disappoint.

These Valentine’s Day dog treat recipes seriously tip the scales on the adorbs metre. So now Fido will feel the love too while you’re busy spoiling each other rotten. Everyone’s a winner. You’re welcome!


  1. Red heart dog cookies

These heart-shaped cookies from Gone To The Snow Dogs are too cute and a breeze to make. You only need four ingredients and they’re also gluten free. And the best part is you can toss all the ingredients into a bowl, bake for 40 minutes and they’re done. Minimal mess, no faffing and you’ll have one happy pup.


  1. Cranberry hearts

Another heart-shaped delight from Pretty Fluffy, and an equally scrumptious recipe. This recipe contains lots of delicious coconut, which is known to be great for your dog’s skin and coat. With only five ingredients and minimal prep time they’ll be ready in a flash. But please note, always ensure the dried cranberries you use aren’t combined with anything else such as raisins, as these are poisonous for dogs.


  1. Frozen strawberry hearts

These frozen strawberry hearts from My Life Cook Book look good enough for us humans to eat. They’re ridiculously simple to make and have only two ingredients – good old healthy coconut oil, and (my favourite!) strawberries. It’s as easy as filling your moulds and popping them into the freeze until frozen.


  1. Heart pupcakes

These doggy pupcakes from She Knows scream indulgence. And if our pooches can’t indulge a little on Valentine’s Day, when can they. You may want to serve only a small piece if you have a smaller dog though – always remember to feed treats in moderation! There’s also a bonus dog biscuit recipe on the same page if you fancy trying two. You lucky thing!


  1. Crusted banana cranberry heart frosty

I love the look of these crusted frosties from Golden Woofs. They’re perfect if you’re looking for something a little more creative than your usual dog treat. And creative doesn’t mean complicated either, you can prepare these fruity beauties in no time at all. No judgement here if you join your pooch for a taster. They look delish!


How will you be spoiling your pooch this Valentine’s Day? Will you be throwing on your apron to bake up a storm in the kitchen? Let us know in the comments below…

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