Why do dogs sit on your feet?

why do dogs sit on your feet

You’ve just made a nice cuppa and sat down to relax. And where do many of us find our loyal pooches, sat on our feet and leaning against us, of course!

As dog owners we often witness our pup’s odd behaviours, and foot sitting is just another adorable quirk to add to that list. But have you ever wondered why your dog likes to sit on your feet and what Fido might be trying to tell you?

There are a few reasons you’ll find your pooch at your feet, and here’s five of them.

Showing affection

Our dogs love showering us in affection in the form of licks and tail wags. And they love receiving our affection too. Nothing beats a ‘good boy’ and a belly rub from their favourite person.

When your dog sits at your feet, it can be their way of saying ‘I love you’. It’s a way for your pooch to be closer to you and show you they care.

They may also have learnt that sitting at your feet gets them your attention and lots of head scratches. So they know to come back again and again. Sneaky pup! But regardless, it’s a lovely way for you and your dog to bond.

For warmth

From a very early age, puppies and mother will huddle together for warmth in an adorable puppy pile. But dogs quickly learn that you are a welcome source of heat too. Particularly during the cooler months, your dog may sit or lay on your feet to keep themselves warm.

And years ago it seems those warming benefits went both ways. The Lowchen breed were used as foot warmers by aristocratic ladies. So our cuddly pooches are brilliant for keeping us toastie too!

For safety

Some dogs get anxious or fearful in certain situations. If you have a socially anxious pup, you may find they stay at your feet around new people and dogs. This is a good indicator your dog is feeling uncomfortable and are seeking safety and protection from you.

Likewise, if your dog is afraid of loud noises or new environments, they could be using you as their security blanket.

To comfort you

Does are insanely intuitive when it comes to our emotions. When we’re feeling stressed or unwell, our dogs can often sense that and won’t leave our sides. Our dogs can’t share comforting words to help us feel better, but they may sit or lay at your feet to offer you support.

To protect or guard you

Your dog may sit on your feet to protect you from a perceived threat. To keep you ‘safe’, your dog may put themselves between you and the threat.

Guarding is slightly different to protecting. This is where your dog is essentially claiming you for themselves. They see you as a valuable resource and their most prized possession. By sitting on your feet they are telling the world that you are their property. In this case your dog is using their body to keep others away from you.

Does your dog sit at your feet? Do you have any funny stories to share? Let me know in the comments below…

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