8 bestsellers for your dog’s toy box

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Dogs love to play, and we tend to underestimate just how important fun time is to our furry friends. With an inherently playful nature, our dogs thrive off interaction and relish the chance to let loose with us humans.

Having a toy is one thing, but it’s you that makes that toy exciting to your dog. Your participation brings that fluffy bear to life and turns an inanimate object into their prized possession.

I have to admit, I spoil Loki rotten with the number of toys I buy her. To me, seeing her bounce around engaging with a new toy is an absolute joy to see.

So if you’re like me and just can’t help indulging your pooch every now and then, this dog toy bestseller list is for you.

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Kong Squeakair balls

best dog toys

Most dogs go nuts for a tennis ball, but these balls from Kong go one step further. Not only do they have a squeaker to induce play for less ball focused dogs, but they’re non-abrasive and won’t wear down your dog’s teeth like normal tennis balls.

And depending on your dog’s breed, you have a choice of 5 different sizes.

As my Loki generally isn’t ball obsessed, these Kong balls work wonders to pique her interest for chasing and playing fetch.

Click here for more information on Kong balls.


Kong Wobbler

popular dog toys

Do you remember the old weeble wobble toys you had as a kid? Well these dog toys work on the same principle. As your dog uses their nose and paws to move the wobbler, it dispenses treats through an opening at the front.

The top screws off for easy filling and they’re suitable for cleaning in the dishwasher when you’re dog’s finished playing.

Click here for more information on the Kong Wobbler.

Controversially, we have the Bobalot, a rival to the Kong Wobbler. But as the Wobbler is high on the bestseller list they’re included in this top 10. I’m sure they’re pretty darn similar though! If you’d like to check out the Bobalot to compare, you can do so here.


Ruff ‘N’ Tumble

the best dog toys

This bestseller appeals to your dog’s five senses – sight, sound, smell, taste and feel. Far more mentally stimulating than a regular ball, this toy is made up of colours dogs find easiest to see. It also makes a noise when shaken, smells and tastes of beef and has a textured surface for added interest.

Click here for more information on the Ruff ‘N’ Tumble.


Activity flip board by Trixie

toys to keep dogs busy

We have this brain game for Loki, and although she enjoys every second hunting for hidden treats, she now makes short work of this game. I can see why it’s a bestseller, but I’d suggest using this as a starter if your dog has never encountered a brain game before. It makes a great introductory game before you move onto more challenging levels.

They also have various other games available on the same page which is very handy.

Click here for more information on the Trixie brain games.


Wild knots bear

amazing dog toys

Don’t be fooled by this rather simple looking cuddly toy, Kong knows how to tick all your dog’s boxes. Inside this humble bear is an internal skeleton made of rope and knots. This satisfies pup’s natural instincts for a more realistic structure while making it more hard wearing.

The bear also has a squeaker for added interest offering a great way to induce play. It also comes in a range of sizes for your breed of dog. It not only appears in the bestseller list, but it’s in the top 3 most wished for items.

Click here for more information on the Wild knots bear.


Rubber chew ball

best dog toys, awesome dog toys

This rubber ball doubles up as a great treat dispenser. Push treats in between the teeth and your dog will chew away for hours. It’s highly durable so there’s little chance of your dog destroying the ball, and is a great tooth cleaning device. Those rubber prongs help fight plaque and tartar build up.

We have this one at home and I’d suggest making it easy at first by not pushing the treats all the way in. Loki had a little trouble figuring this one out, so this will ensure they understand the game and can get some easy wins initially.

Click here for more information on the rubber chew ball.


Mad scientist by Trixie

unique dog toys. best dog toys

As well as being a bestseller, this one’s on my personal wish list this month. You essentially fill the beakers with treats or their regular kibble and your dog must rotate the containers to release the treats.

It comes with different lids to increase the difficulty, and a non-slip rubber foot to keep it in place.

Click here for more information on the Mad Scientist.


The Kong classic

best dog puzzle toys, best dog toys

And surprise surprise, the classic Kong makes this bestseller list. So simple, yet so effective. You can fill this rubber toy with any dog friendly treats and your pooch will happily lick away the day.

You can fill them with blended fruit and veg, make a pate mixture, spoon in some peanut butter or make a flavoured yoghurt concoction. And if you pop them in the freezer they’ll last longer and offer relief on those hot summer days.

A real must-have for any dog owner. I’m not surprised they’re so popular!

Click here for more information on the classic Kong.


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  1. Great suggestions! I love stuffing the kong toys to keep my dogs busy. I usually stuff them with banana or peanut butter along with a few of their favorite treats.

  2. Love all of these toys. We’ve had our Wild Knots Bear named Boo Boo from Jellystone Park since Bernie was just a few months old. Boo Boo is a loyal companion who truly holds up over time.

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