10 must have products for your dog this winter

Dog products for winter

Essential products to keep your pooch warm, happy and safe this winter. #dogcaretips #dogproducts #winter #winterpetcare via @gonedogmad1

Winter is upon us, and with it comes bone numbing cold snaps and dark evenings. But these harsh winter months present a rather unique set of challenges for us dog lovers.

We all want to keep our dogs warm, happy and safe while at home and on walks. Not to mention the trials of keeping both pooch and house a mud free zone.

So to get you through this winter, here’s my handy collection of essential products for you and your dog.

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Dog paw cleaner

Dog paw cleaner

When you’re walking your dog in winter there’s no getting away from muddy paws. But your carpets and furniture need not suffer any longer. With this silicon dog paw cleaner, you simply pop your dog’s paw into the opening and the bristles gently remove all the dirt and mud.

It’s easy and quick to use, and no more muddy floors!


Warm waterproof coat

Waterproof dog coat

Smaller dogs especially are prone to feeling the cold weather. So to keep your pooch snug outside, this fleecy waterproof coat will keep them both warm and protected from the rain.


Dog car mat

Dog products for winter

When you’re heading home in the car after a beautiful woodland walk, this dog car mat is the perfect solution to keep your car seats mud free. You simply strap the mat onto the car seat and your mucky pup can happily sit in their little fabric box. It’s easy to wipe down afterwards and remove when it’s not needed.


Slicker brush

Dog slicker brush

If you have a long-haired dog, winter can be a nightmare for matting. All that wet weather, mud and dirt can quickly get tangled in fur leaving you with one knotted pooch. To combat the tangles, a slicker brush is essential for your grooming belt. And an added bonus – this one’s easy to clean with the press of a button.


Heat pad

Dog heat pad

Your dog will love this heat pad to warm them up quickly after a cold walk. It’s also recommended for older and arthritic dogs to provide relief from sore, aching joints. This heat pad is also waterproof and moisture proof so you can easily wipe down any muddy pawprints.


Brain games

Dog products for winter

When it’s too cold and wet for walkies, stimulate your dog mentally instead with this tricky brain game by Nina Ottosson. We have a few brain games for Loki and she always loves the challenge. This memory trainer is one of her favourites. They’re a great way to put your dogs mind to the test and tire them out when walking isn’t an option.


LED dog collar

LED dog collar

In winter we often walk our dogs when it’s still dark outside. This LED dog collar is super bright to ensure other people can always see your dog at night, and you’ll always be able to find them when they’re off-lead too!


Paw balm

dog products for winter

In winter our dog’s paws are prone to becoming dry and cracked. Keep your dog’s paws smooth and moisturised all winter with Musher’s Secret protective wax. Soothes sore paw pads and made from all natural ingredients. Perfect for dog’s that aren’t fond of wearing booties.


Self-warming dog bed

Self-warming dog bed

When you’ve turned the heating off at night and everyone’s tucked up in bed, your dog can now be warm and snuggled up too. This self-warming dog bed uses space blanket technology to reflect and retain your dog’s own body heat.


Dog hairdryer

dog hairdryer

We all know how it feels to be wet in cold weather. You feel frozen to the bone! But sometimes drying your dog with a handheld dryer just doesn’t cut it. It often takes at least 20 minutes. So if your dog has just had a bath or has been jumping in and out of the sea, this hairdryer is ideal for getting your dog dry in less than half the time.


I hope you enjoyed my list of dog winter essentials and you both have a safe and warm winter ahead. I’m always on the look out for great products for my Loki, what must-haves would you recommend for dogs?

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  1. I have a mini schnauzer too ! They are sooo adorable ! I didn’t now that they made paw balm ! Winters are tough here in Canada and sometimes my dog’s paws get super dry from all the salt. Thank you for the advice

    • Mini schnauzers are the best little dogs aren’t they! Glad you found my suggestions useful. The winters aren’t too bad here in the UK, but I keep a pot just in case. I bet it can get very cold and snowy in Canada!

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